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Stepping Stone Yoga is here to support your journey in the exploration of  self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Currently, our Deck classes are donation-based and sign-up is required. Please bring your own mat and props, masks are optional. half of the donations go towards instructors and the other half are put toward our yoga-studio-without-walls campaign.

Our virtual classes are held on zoom: Id 813 9618 0129 and we offer a variety of patronage options starting at $30 monthly billing, unlimited attendance. . 
private groups and one-on-ones are available by appointment. you may choose from several innovative styles of Yoga, created by founder Pippa Dorfman, such as Healing Core, Lunar Yoga, Hoop Yoga, and Stick Yoga.  We also offer many common styles of Yoga such as Restorative, Yin, Prenatal, as well as All-Levels Asana Vinyasa. 

We hope to provide you with grounding work to emulate when you are off your mat and inspiration through energy and form when you are on the mat.  When you are ready to join us, we welcome you with an open heart. Please come with a beginners mind no matter what level you are at so you may remain open to learning something new about yourself during practice. 

Here at Stepping Stone Yoga we encourage all students to take a multifaceted approach during practice and to focus not only on the physical body but the effect our practice has on social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of this complex human vessel. 

When Yoga merged into our Western world a true cultural "yolking" took place - a giant tree took roots and branches blossomed in all directions. It is important to remember that Yoga comes from India and is an ancient art-science that has proven to heal, renew, and connect us to a deeper understanding into the nature of self and the interconnectedness we have with the world around us. This is why we embrace the practice from its roots by instructing the forms that have been handed down to us over thousands of years. It is also essential that we view and adapt this practice through the lens of where it has arrived: the western culture. To speak the language we are comfortable with and practice the limbs of Yoga as can be applied to our modern way of living. Cultural appreciation is vital to the understanding of the practice of Yoga yet it is equally important to honor the practice where it has formed blossoms, which helps us adapt it to our personal encounters with positive transformation. 

We honor each student where you are at in the moment you arrive.  
When practicing with Stepping Stone, you are highly encouraged to take a beginner mindset even if you have been practicing for many years, as well as, to listen closely to what your needs are in every given moment and learn to respond in a compassionate and productive way. 

We look forward to meeting you along the Way.

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I first started at stepping stone as someone who had just discovered yoga. It came by recommendation from a doctor, oddly enough.
You see, at 35, I was already having severe back trouble, nerve pain, caused by the compression of a couple vertebrae in my lower back. The doctor gave me a shot of cortisone, and told me that my life would change, if only I would start doing yoga.
I had to laugh. Yoga was something that I was always interested in, but never allowed myself to take the time, for myself, to start a practice. Now here I was nearly crippled from the nerve pain in my back at 35 years old, being told by a medical professional that Yoga was the answer.
I started a 30 day online challenge the next day. I had already quit smoking, I was already on the path to a healthier self... Why not..?
I was 12 days I to my challenge when I reached out to Pippa for private lessons.
Then the synchronicity happened... My day 12-15 online challenge was the exact same thing, that Pippa had put together for me... It was confirmed. Yoga... I immediately signed up for Pippas'30 day challenge and ran 2 challenges concurrently for a little while. I was on cloud 9.
I have to give these women a huge shout out. They are all amazing in very different ways, each of them, something has ique to offer to your practice, whether you want something light, as a beginner with Nicole and Pippa, or even something heavier with Leigh and The Rocket Ashtanga series, my personal favorite!
If I hadn't moved to pursue my own yoga teacher training in the mountains of NC, I would have stayed with Stepping Stone for a very long time.
I love them.
Bless you all. Warrior Women of Light!
I will miss practice with all of you, and carry you in my heart.​​