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Resident teacher, founder, and studio manager at Stepping Stone Yoga Studio since June 2016 in Jeffersonville, VT. Pippa is certified in both Kripalu Yoga and Prenatal Yoga, she has a Bachelor of Science in Wellness & Alternative Medicine and is a DONA Internationally trained labor/birth Doula. She teaches a wide variety of classes from her specialties with prenatal and mixed levels Asana Vinyasa Yoga classes to her more unique offerings such as Healing Core, Hoop Yoga, Stick Yoga, and Lunar Yoga.

Pippa describes herself as a devoted mother, humble sister, grateful daughter, loyal friend, birth assistant to families, as well as a Nature and animal lover! Although she has had a long time dream aspiring to homebirth midwifery, teaching Yoga is one of her strengths and teaches regularly at Stepping Stone Yoga Studio. 

Also in the summer of 2016 with the opening of SSYS, Pippa dreamed into reality the Red Yurt Project: A devoted space and concept providing her passion to empower women, celebrate life, and raise awareness of our interconnectedness with one another and Nature.

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Pippa believes in the urgency for us all to wake up from our veiled existence of conditioned ways through connection to the drum as a tool for personal growth. You can attend her drum journeys at Stepping Stone Yoga Studio (in Jeffersonville, VT) or the Red Yurt Project (located in Bakersfield, VT). Experience shows us that drum journeys provide us with insight into the realms of perspective we are not always able to tune in with. Pippa learned how to use and care for the drum from one of her womentors, Jane Hardwicke-Collings, and believes it is a cross-cultural means for sacred human connection. Also through Jane’s advice and edits, Pippa created the Maiden Seasons Program.  This 1 to 2 year long program is dedicated to the coming of age group who want to learn more about wellness as they enter womanhood and the wo-menstrual cycle. This program also facilitates the education about our connection to the Lunar cycles and how that applies to setting meaningful intention in ones life. Woven throughout the year-long course are take home projects, group work, and projects the girls take on to make the world a better, more sustainable, balanced place through the care of other species or creative exploration of environmental outreach.


Pippa believes that a healthy self has a healthy community. Building a healthy community and coming together to share in experience of self-inquiry and self-understanding is at the forefront of her motivation to open Stepping Stone in 2016. Now, as 2020 spirals forth, this community is growing in profound and joyful ways. 


This Spring we welcome in the addition of our new outdoor Yoga deck and continue to provide a valuable service to the community at large.  Here at Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, Pippa encourages the shared sound of what we call the “vermont aum”, om-ing backwards to honor the sound of “awe” at the end since this is what we collectively value. 


Words from Pippa:

I grew up on the east coast of Massachusetts,
US to an Australian mother and father from New Jersey (my Poland/Russia/German heritage) and had the opportunity to grow up knowing my mother's side of the family too, as I visited Australia every five years of my life.  Life to me is a before and after feeling: Before my brother and father died, I had a very fortunate upbringing, surrounded by love, support, and comforts. I was a serious athlete and devoted my time mainly to soccer and then helping to create a lacrosse program in our high school (but not really knowing the sport very well) ended up with all-league status in the sport. After my brother and father died, I changed a lot. Although I got into Vates because of soccer, I ended up quitting and taking a leave of absence to go immerse myself at a Yoga ashram.

After dabbling in the Liberal Arts at Bates College in Maine, learning how Yoga was my way to healing, and then traveling and volunteering in Tanzania and Thailand, I found my way back home to get my ducks in a row and transferred to the University of British Columbia where I joined the School of Human Kinetics to study more about the human body and how it functions within movement.  Before UBC, I joined two friends on a bicycle journey to raise money for cancer and bipolar research via the northern tier route of America from West to East coast (this was a true test of endurance, yes, but no match for what I witnessed through childbirth years later). We raised $12,000 collectively. Fast forward through UBC, travels to Alaska, an engagement that didn't work out, and other shenanigans, I finished my B.Sc. in Wellness and Alternative Medicine at JSC in Vermont, gave birth at home with a super supportive Birth Team and now current Partner, then opened SSYS and the Red Yurt Project here in the wonderful land of Coywolves & bobcats!

In my free time (which I value and make room for) I dance with hoops (especially to James Brown), snowboard and go on hikes with my dog and daughter: I spend time mostly outside in Nature, my temple.
I currently teach regularly at Stepping Stone Yoga Studio & facilitate ceremony, celebration, and learning programs through the Red Yurt Project. Stepping Stone Yoga Studio (Tradename) was created under the LLC, Sacred in the Round, as a symbol for life's ever-changing ways: where there is a dream, there will be many steps to take to get there, and once you are "there" you may realize the journey never truly ends.  My vision for the project you see at 16 Iris Lane involves not just the Yoga studio and outdoor Yoga deck, but a collective for teachers, healers and mindfulness-based lifestyle leaders to come together and share for the community in which we live. You can find more information about this vision by clicking the Sacred in the Round and/or the Red Yurt Project links below. The Red Yurt has migrated north after two years outside the studio, so that I could base the project out of my homestead.

2004-05, 2007 Bates College - Liberal Arts
2005-06 Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health - Yoga Teacher certification
2008 Trans-America bicycle ride 2008
2008, 2009 University of Britsh Columbia - School of Human Kinetics
2010 Johnson State College - Wellness & Alternative Medicine, B.Sc.
2011 The Farm - Midwife Assistant Training
2014 Midwife International, Guatemala - Midwife Training
2015 Prenatal Method - Prenatal Yoga certification
2015 DONA International - Labor/Birth Doula training

Lifestyle Entrepreneur of:
Pippa Hippa Hoops, 

Sacred in the Round, 

Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, 

Sacred Circle School of Hooping Arts, 

& the Red Yurt Project

Aspiring (be it now on the back-burner) Homebirth Midwife
Completely off-grid Sustainable Living
Goats and Gardens
To show my daughter the world & let her shine brightly her unique light

To contribute to the rebuilding of Mallacoota, VIC after the fires of 2020 New Year...

Red Yurt Project