Jim has pursued Zen and Qi Gong for many years. He's a Natural Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist and Family Herbalist. He formulates herbal compounds for his private clients, people who are motivated to be more responsible for their own health, and he formulates professional grade products for business clients. He's taught classes on healing subjects such as breathing practices, spiritual training, sprouting, juicing, raw foods, yoga, natural health practices, etc. and is a published writer with articles on meditation, superfoods, hydrotherapy, mercury toxicity, structured water, sprouting, herbal remediation and many others.


In 1994, he was given a large book on ancient Chinese health practices with a chapter devoted to Qi Gong. He attempted to do the first posture, following all the instructions. Even though there was no movement involved and he was standing up, within fifteen minutes he was in a sweat--in an air-conditioned room. The rest is history.


To contact Jim please email: jrobicsek@yahoo.com